Welcome to Shiho Piano

Pianist, Accompanist and Instructor

Shiho started playing piano at age 2 and enjoys playing solo,ensemble and accompaniment for any occasion and earned MM degree in piano performance at The University of Arizona. She has performed with local orchestra and college orchestra, churches and many other venues in Tucson. Also she did recitals in Phoenix and Green Valley and Japan.

Shiho also teaches for any age and level. Please let me know if you are interested in a lesson.

  Now, Shiho performs together with her daughter Ayla who plays violin and piano

Shiho Pianoへようこそ

2歳でピアノレッスンを始める。日本の中央大学で法学学位を取得後、アリゾナ大で数学学位と物理学副専攻を取得、さらに音楽を勉強すべくアリゾナ大学でZumbro教授、Dr.Fan先生に学び、ピアノ専攻で修士号を取得。ピアノ協奏曲コンクールで2位を受賞、そして南アリゾナオーケストラやピマカレッジオーケストラとソロイストとして共演。他に様々な楽器とのコラボレーショ ン、教会や学校のコーラスの伴奏など。レッスンや演奏のお問い合わせはお気軽にContactUsのページからお願いいたします。


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